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LafargeHolcim Ltd is a Swiss multinational company that manufactures building materials. It has a presence in around 70 countries and employs around 72,000 employees. LafargeHolcim operates four business segments: Cement, Aggregates, and Ready-Mix Concrete as well as Solutions & Products, which includes precast concrete, asphalt, mortar, and building solutions.

LafargeHolcim has poor workplace communication, lack of accountability and unprofessional management, according to a former employee on

"Poor lines of communication between departments, lack of accountability always looking for someone to take the blame, promotes nepotism, you’ll move up if you’re part of the boys club, related to the boss or look the part. Lacks diversity, fosters the bottom line, hires cheap labor, not great if you want a long term career, management will bully and ridicule you and lacks professionalism"


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Current Employee - Operations Manager says

"Lafarge part of the company"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Constant cycling layoffs and cutbacks. working the remaining employees to death."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not paying market Not enough employees No end in sight for the austerity Record profit yet workers get nothing"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Be prepared to be bullied"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"unclear future at this company"

Former Employee - Sales says

"Very high pressure place to work. Nothing is ever good enough and their target numbers and forecasts are ridiculously out of touch with the market. Managaement makes idle threats about performance"

Former Employee - Heavy Equipment Operator says

"Once you get hurt. You are terminated. And you well be left to pay for your own recovery and medical expenses. This is not employee friendly. I highly recommend not working here."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"The company is trying to grow its stock price by cutting costs/heads. At some point you cannot run a company with no people. There is a lot of favoritism towards ex-pats. It is difficult for women to break into the old boys club and be taken seriously."

Current Employee - Driver says

"Poor equipment.poor management.upper and lower managers.looking to fire employees at any cost!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible insurance, every year it is more $ and less coverage. Froze employee pensions, stopped paying out retirement insurance, stopped paying annual bonus for lower level employees. Constantly taking away more. Horrible work life balance."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Extremel nepotism, too many bosses, top heavy. No emphasis on safety. Ask staff to work too quickly, no matter the danger of the road being worked on. One guy gets no slack for wrecking 13 trucks, One guy does $30,000 damage to a building with no repercussions . then three guys with impeccable records were fired after minor incidents that didn’t cause any company costs. Don’t even applyNoneStay away... unless you’re a family member or friend"

Technicien Certifié au Contrôle (Current Employee) says

"aucune esprit d'équipe, peu de gens compétents notre expérience n'est pas apprécié"

Equipment Operator (Current Employee) says

"Management and Supervisors are full of Lies and and Deceit. Company will use you and abuse you. Not recommended work place. The more lies you can tell the better off you may be for promotions."

Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"Lafarge Syria hat uns unter Risiko arbeiten gezwungen uns sie hat mit ISIS etwas zu tun, um die Waren verkaufen zu dürfen wurden. Und am Ende sie gab uns unseres Endwork Geld nicht."

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Not a challenging job nothing to do all day time stood still. Colleagues are not welcoming. Management had their favourite people. Not enough hours."

Employee (Current Employee) says

"The turn over is very high, so it's constant change in and out from all levels of the business. Cement controls the cash flow of the business so the RMX, Aggregates get what's left. The company refuses to upgrade equipment in a timely fashion and consistently band aid fixes problems. Safety is pushed hard from day 1, until production needs supercede your personal safety. Then you will be pressured to overlook safety issues to meet production goals. If an injury occurs during this process you will most definitely receive discipline and people start the finger pointing and managers always win. Most of the hourly employees consistently walk on egg shells. If your a driver, a drive camera device watches you 24/7 and you will receive discipline based on driving habits including up to termination. For Example to work in a confined space you need 8 hours training, before entry you need field risk assessment completed (2 pages), Confined space permit (1 Page), and Project level risk assessment (1 page). There is no such thing as an easy task here they have inundated everyone employee with so many documents to fill out for every task. If you miss one thing your most likely terminated if there is an incident. The whole aspect of every job here is like drinking from a fire will get more and more to do, but never more pay."

Coord. Sr. Compras (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente laboral tóxico !!!!🤢🤮 Jefes prepotentes"

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bad experience. It's not what you know, but who you know. Lots of back stabbing to get ahead. Very unprofessional organization at Operational level. Still some good people there in HR."

Procurement (Former Employee) says

"Terrible HR. Lack of leadership. The HR is non existent. Never on the employee side. Will throw you under the bus. Leadership is missing, and very immature. No job security. Employees are like tools"

Operator (Former Employee) says

" the management suck from the top to the bottom the hours suck they over work one week than the next week you don't get any hours... If you don't sleep with the supervisor chances are they will get you fired"

Soporte Técnico (Former Employee) says

"Lujuriosa Egoísta No hay cresimiento Levantan falsos Elitista"

General Labourer (Former Employee) says

"Everyday you do something wrong constantly pushed down, making you not want to be there. People are constantly on stress leave because of how your treated, supervisor praises safety all the time but in the end only wants numbers, employees constantly complain about wanting to leave, if you learn a little slower than the rest you'll get yelled at, in a nutshell don't see or hear people lineing up there to get a job."

Plant Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company has surrounded itself with GM’s that don’t have a clue how to run a company. They regularly fire dedicated employees a lot of them with 30+ years of service with this joke of a company. Just because some clueless GM doesn’t like them. Their big thing is if you can’t prove that you can make the tough decisions then you’re not management material. They run around trying to buy their customer’s with their credit cards and then gouge them with their products. They pamper themselves with thousands dollar team build dinners and cut spending on plants and equipment. This mismanagement is the reason this company looses hundreds of millions of dollars every year. If you’re looking for a lifelong career keep looking this company is not where you want to be.customers love and then gouging them with their"

Production officer (Former Employee) says

"Not an enjoyable place Managers have no idea how to connect with staff unrealistic expectations of plant staff. Under trained poor pay do as I say not as i do mentalityOvertime6 day weeks"

Control Room Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Management has ruined the work environment and the merger has ruined the benefits. The people here are what makes it bearable. Mid managment and below are tight knit, like family."

Maintenance Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"You should have willing to work very long hours in hot and dirty environment and management has no respect of your efforts. Once a manager is replaced be worry about losing your job because he/ she wants to run on his/ her way. No proper technical or managerial trainings as the company does not see their employees as assets.having some hands-on experience. Matching 401k up to 3%unorganized company. No corporate support. Worst benefits specially health insurance. Cut of bonus."

Plant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Favoritism kills and upper managment has their favorites. Safety is always first, until sales are at risk, then suddenly they don't care how many hours people work anymore or that it is -55degrees outside, because that one customer said they may need a load or two. No support from upper manager for plant level problems. Culture of lying about production so operation manager can look like an all star,but if you don't want to lie,or you like and then it catches up to the plant, the ops manager suddenly can't remember asking you to create made up numbers to hit budget targets. Very toxic ops manager. Good annual review, don't get raise. Beating budget by half a million dollars, get fired. Makes sense.Direct reports were all good peopleOps manager toxic"

Mixer Operator (Seasonal) says

"Dont work there they shaft ya on hrs also lie to ya and will skid ya for any reason they want. Some good employees there. Management the worst. They call ya for work off season and if you dont come in you will not be hired back in april?Hauling concreteManagement"

Commercial (Former Employee) says

"Frivolous changes Toxic Culture Lack of transparency Honestly, I just couldn't wait to leave the company. I had never seen anything like it before."

Terminal Operator (Former Employee) says

"if you are not there 20 years or more you are an outsider management says there is no seniority but the old timers run the show manager has no back bone because he cant do anybody's job just a dumb pawnnonebad management bad health insurance lied to about raises"

Gabriel Newman says

"We are happy to choose as our supplier for Cement, GGBFS and Microsilica. They have provided quality products with outstanding service and on-time delivery. They have been a vital part of our projects and helped us complete many high-rise towers on time."

Luther Robie says

"JAYCEE has been our long-standing partner for Fly Ash supplies to Qatar. They are one of the few organized-managed, quality-focused and importantly, ethical exporters we have worked with in this industry. They believe in long term relationship. We trust them and rely."

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